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How to Own Your Own Pet Sitting Business

How to Own Your Own Pet Sitting Business

Curated by Abdel Hernandez |Marketing Manager @LuckyPetDeals | Aug. 05, 2017 

So you want to become a Pet-entrepreneur? 

Have you ever wondered about starting your own pet business? If you have a genuine love for pets and are looking for an interesting career that can be fun while earning an income you may want to build a professional pet sitting and dog walking service business. Here are a few steps on how to get started.

Learn from someone or research your subject

There are two ways to get your foot in the door. There established networks of pet sitters and dog walkers you can join. . Or open door number two and start your own pet sitting company. You can always look someone hiring for the position, who can then teach you the ropes. This is a phenomenal way to get first hand experience. 

The other method is by doing your research. These days we live in a time were information is at our finger tips. There are tons of YouTube videos, blogs, and books on the subject. Don't take too much time. The best learning is done first hand. Test your new business idea with friends and family members that have pets. Asked them if you can dog sit their pets or walk them for a small fee. You will be surprised how many pet parents will say yes.

Start by building your reputation.

One you decide to work for yourself, you need to build a reputation. You will want to post ads on veterinary bulletin boards, Craigslist, pet business directories such as and and pass out fliers around town. Create a Facebook page for your new business as well. To build your reputation ask all the people that have you have walked their dog or been a pet sitter for to leave you a review on any of your listings. Send them the links. It may take little bit to get going  but the larger the effort, the larger the payout. Just give it some time and stay consistent. 

 “Dog walking can be very lucrative"

When meeting potential client and their lovely pet you will want to present the best version of yourself. You want to be genuinely interested in the client's pets and their needs. Most people regard their dogs as part of the family. They are trusting you with someone they see as their companion. Show them your reviews to build their confidence.

If the pet parents want to hire you, take notes, listen closely and make the client feel comfortable with you being in their home. If they have a dog, then definitely make sure dog walking is part of package your offer. This can lead to having regular dog walking gigs outside the normal pet sitting schedule.
You should never limit yourself.  You can also make a lot of money by building your dog walking client portfolio. Dog walking can be very lucrative, especially in big cities.
When you are dog walking or pet sitting, you will have access to people’s homes. Treat their living space with dignity and respect. No parties and no raiding the fridge unless you have permission.  Keep it clean and leave it as you found it. You want repeat business.
We wish you the best as you move toward your journey. We are here to serve you if you decide to list your services on our site. 

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