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Benefits of Feeding Organic Pet Food to Pets

Benefits of Feeding Organic Pet Food to Pets

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What you feed your pet matters

Owning a cat or a dog is a wonderful experience, but it is also a tremendous responsibility. You are making a commitment to provide all of the necessities for that animal. They include shelter, food, love, attention, and security. One of the areas of care that often is questionable is the foods that they get. Research has proven giving them foods meant for human consumption can lead to a very unhealthy future for your pet.

What about the various types of foods offered on the market? There are both wet and dry types of cat and dog food offered. There are different quality types of brands to select from as well as different choices among each brand. The prices of these foods range significantly from very reasonable to quite expensive.

Natural and healthier choice

There are plenty of vets out there that will tell you buying commercial pet food is a terrible idea. The reason behind that is that many of the ingredients in them can pose a risk to the overall health of your pet. First, they contain many byproducts that cause liver and kidney damage. Since kidney disease is one of the leading causes of death in these types of pets, it can be very scary to know this connection exists.

The answer to all of these situations can be organic pet foods. These are made with only 100% all natural ingredients. They haven't been grown with any pesticides or herbicides used around them. This includes the ingredients that are grown as well as the animals that may be raised and then included in the products. Those animals are raised in an environment without the use of steroids to help stimulate growth.

As a result of eating such a diet, your pet will be at a much lower risk of various health problems. This can mean a reduction of your vet bill overall. Ask anyone that has had a pet seen for serious health problems and it can be quite expensive. Plus, you do want to do everything you can to offer you pet a long life that is also a healthy one.

Quality of life

The quality of life for pets is an issue that needs to be addressed. Health conditions including heart disease and kidney disease are very harsh for any animal to have to face. They suffer tremendously on many levels as the body isn't able to function as it should.

Based upon such information, organic pet food should be something that you see as a necessity for the overall care of your pets. Even if you didn't start them on such a diet from the time you took them home, it isn't too late to change it. Offer them a portion of the organic pet food with what you normally do. Continue to add more organic food and less of the other on a regular basis until they are eating 100% organic foods.

Cost vs. Benefits

The cost of buying this type of pet food is more expensive, though. If the cost is what is making you not do it, consider another alternative. You can buy the organic ingredients and make the pet food yourself. Make enough for several weeks and then freeze portions that you will thaw and give to your pet on a daily basis. If time is of the essence for you there are several organic pet food providers in the marketplace. We are looking for several local merchants at this time to list their services on our site. Stay tuned for future updates.

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